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Computer Science group

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Group members (and research topics)

Roberto Bagnara

- Verification of critical software
- Formal methods for the analysis and verification of programs
- Semantics of programming languages
- Abstract interpretation
- Advanced compilation techniques
- Logic programming and constraint logic programming
- Computer algebra

Federico Bergenti

1. Software agents, multi-agent systems and Agent-Oriented Software Engineering.
2. Constraint programming and (logic) programming languages.
3. Computer-Supported Cooperative Work systems.
4. Multimedia-centric systems and optimal management of resources with quality of service.
5. Aspect-Oriented Programming and Object-Oriented programming.
6. Pattern recognition and Machine Vision.

Alessandro Dal Palù

Programming methodologies with constraints to solve complex problems: constraint (logic) programming over finite domains, answer set programming.
- Bioinformatics: Constraint Approaches to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem
- Tertiary structure prediction for proteins.
- Reconstruction of protein tertiary structure from low resolution density maps experiments.
- RNA structural alignment
- COLA: COnstraint solver for LAttices
- Analysis of multi-dimensional medical images.
- Lower bound analysis of computational complexity and data structure optimization.

Grazia Lotti

Analysis of algorithms for the nonnegative image deconvolution; analysis of algorithms for the solution of shift-invariant linear systems.

Gianfranco Rossi

- Study, design, implementation and applications of constraint languages and solvers on sets and finite domains
- Study, design and implementation of solvers for the computation of non-ground stable models for Answer Set Programming.

Enea Zaffanella

Formal methods for the analysis and verification of programs
Abstract Interpretation: domains and abstract operators
Semantics of programming languages
(Constraint) Logic Programming


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